Our Wristlets and Clutches serve as both practical accessories and fashion statements, offering convenient storage for essentials while complementing outfits. They provide organization, security, and versatility for various occasions, reflecting personal style and serving as status symbols. The needlepoint canvas provides a method to personalize your wristlet or clutch.

Canvas Leather Woven Clutches
Canvas Wristlet with Leather Trim

The inside of the clutch and wristlet are identical. It includes:

(1) Main Compartment: This is the largest section of the purse where you can store your belongings such as a wallet, phone, keys, makeup, or other essentials.

(2) Zippered Compartment: The zippered compartment provides added security or organization.

(3) Lining: The interior of the wristlet/ clutch is lined with fabric, which is decorative and functional for protecting the contents.

Inside of the Wristlet/ Clutch

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