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W e are excited to unveil our new collection of ribbons, designed to add a touch of elegance and creativity to all your projects. The color range is perfect for needlepoint.

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Canvas Leather Woven Clutch

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Our Wristlets and Clutches serve as both practical accessories and fashion statements, offering convenient storage for essentials while complementing outfits. They provide organization, security, and versatility for various occasions, reflecting personal style and serving as status symbols. The needlepoint canvas provides a method to personalize your wristlet or clutch.

Canvas Leather Woven Clutches
Canvas Wristlet with Leather Trim

The inside of the clutch and wristlet are identical. It includes:

(1) Main Compartment: This is the largest section of the purse where you can store your belongings such as a wallet, phone, keys, makeup, or other essentials.

(2) Zippered Compartment: The zippered compartment provides added security or organization.

(3) Lining: The interior of the wristlet/ clutch is lined with fabric, which is decorative and functional for protecting the contents.

Inside of the Wristlet/ Clutch

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Paris-themed FOB

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P reparing for the Olympics with a Paris-themed FOB and canvas sounds like a delightful way to infuse some Olympic spirit into your daily life! This small accessory will add a touch of Parisian charm to your keys and serve as a reminder of the upcoming Olympic Games.

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Planet Earth Fiber Fob Kits for the Holidays

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The holiday season has arrived! Stitchers everywhere are preparing handmade gifts crafted with love and care. Last-minute shoppers are looking for the perfect gift for their favorite needlepointer. We always recommend Planet Earth Fiber self-finishing leather accessories because they’re a truly luxe gift—made from natural lambskin leather that only looks more refined as time passes. If you’re looking for a fabulous present that combines the best Planet Earth products into one giftable set, you can’t go wrong with our Fob Kits!

Our Fob Kits include everything a stitcher needs to complete a Planet Earth Fiber self-finishing leather fob. The contents include:

Planet Earth Fiber Fob Kits make wonderful gifts and are perfectly sized to be stocking stuffers. However, there’s so much more you can do with our kits! Consider them for party favors, bridesmaid gifts, stitch club grab bags, and for friends and family who are newly interested in exploring our beloved hobby. Our fob kits act as “bite-sized” introductions to needlepoint and supply burgeoning needlepointers with everything they need to get started!

We’ve curated fob kits for Planet Earth Fiber retailers who wish to host trunk shows and events that draw needlepointers to their shops. We have a lot of fun creating our fob kits so that each one feels unique. Our selection of fibers, zipper pouches, canvases, and fobs create endless opportunities for unique combinations. 

We created a large batch of fob kits for Augusta Needlepoint in Georgia. Check out their detailed review below!

  Contact us today to learn more about stocking Planet Earth Fiber Fob Kits. Do you already stock our self-finishing leather accessories? Don’t forget to tag @planetearthfiber on Instagram and Facebook so we can help shine a light on your Planet Earth Fiber products!

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