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  1. I love this!!

  2. I love this ottoman footstool. So refreshing from the typical wood base. It shows the stitching off nicely, casual but elegant and sophisticated. Also many good upholstery shops can probably make something like this vs finding a decent wood worker or quality wood stool. Love it!

  3. My color card shows 197 is Lobster & 198 is Raddish! So which is it?

    • Thank you for your inquiry. I think you are referring to a color card from another company.

  4. Where can you buy inserts to stitch.

    • The purses take a 4″ round canvas. There are lots of designers that offer this size. It is possible to use a 3 1/2 round but just add stitches to the outside. Do you need help finding a local needlepoint store?

      • Where can I get this purse? Where can I have my needlepoint round finished to be put into the purse? I already have it done.

        • We have a video on the front page of our website explaining the finishing process. Please consult your local needlepoint store.

  5. Do you have white jewelry cases?

    • No, I am sorry. We do not have white leather cases at this time.

      • We now have white leather jewelry cases in stock.

  6. OH MY GOODNESS where can I get some Jewelry cases??????? I have finished 2 in 2 days. I want them to do as Christmas Gifts…..Help me please!!!!!!

  7. The grey leather jewelry cases are in. We now have aqua, blue, bell flower, black, red, orange and grey

  8. We have just added the color royal blue.

  9. Where can this marlin canvas by Kristine Kingston be purchased?

  10. We now have Snap Wallets in the colors red as well as saddle brown.

  11. Where are you moving?? I think you left some fiber at my house!!! (How did all this Planet Earth Wool get here?!?)

    • 47 River Street
      Suite 100
      Wellesley Hills, MA

  12. I have a 3 1/4 by 53/4 piece . If this would work., Do you have this in Navy and what is the price?

    • We have it in royal and light blue. Please consult your local needlepoint store.

  13. Just picked up the new variegated Pepper Pot silk and I love the feel and how it stitches! Almost like one large strand of your six strand Planted Earth.
    I don’t usually send notes to company emails but felt like you hit it out of the ball park with this thread !

    • Thanks for the compliment

  14. How do I purchase products on this site?

    • This site is for informational purposes. It is not possible to purchase from this site. I would recommend going to your local needlepoint store and requested them to order the canvas if they do not already have it in stock.

  15. Love Susan Sargent designs. Excited to see she has made canvases available with her designs. What type of fiber is best for her 13 mesh canvas? Thank you.

    • Her designs are gorgeous. I would recommend Planet Earth Silk, Merino Wool or Pepper Pot on on 13 mesh canvas.

  16. Saw this flash by on my Facebook feed, but lost it in a flash and have been trying to find it. Searching your site I found it!

    I am unfamiliar with your site and if I can buy from you directly or go to a retail show here in St. Louis and they can order for me. I have some of your Pepper Pot, but have not used it yet.

    • We do not sell direct. I would suggest that you contact your local needlepoint store and order whatever you are looking for if they do not have it in stock. Our website is for informational purposes.

  17. I cannot seem to find where to order this bag. It seems it is sold out on many websites. Do you have a link for where to purchase? Thank you!

    • Our website is for informational purposes only. It is not possible to order from our website. Please contact you local needlepoint shop for purchases of our merchandise.

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    I love all your products!! My LNS informed me thatcyou are discontinuing you r leather line🥲 can you steer me to another
    Supplier? I especially love rounds and clutches