Planet Earth Fiber is excited to reveal a new self-finishing leather accessory for the upcoming holiday season: air tag fobs! Designed to accommodate an Apple AirTag, Planet Earth Fiber’s air tag fobs are available in a classic tear-drop shape with an opening for the air tag on one side and a fob needlepoint canvas on the other. Air tag fobs are perfect for keeping track of your keys, luggage, kids’ backpack, dogs and cats, and anything else you’re concerned about losing.

air tag fobs

Planet Earth Fiber Air Tag Fobs

Planet Earth Fiber’s air tag fobs arrive just in time for the holiday season and make the perfect gift. Along with our selection of Planet Earth Fiber fob canvases, air tag fobs offer a unique, personalized gift this season needlepointers will love creating and sharing with friends and family. 

Creating custom leather accessories for Planet Earth Fiber retailers is always a fun and creatively rewarding process. Not only does it allow us to stretch our imaginations to produce something new and exciting, but it also gives our family of retailers a unique way to express their individuality.

Whale fob with whale canvas

There are so many opportunities for shaped leather fobs—and we love to design fobs that will represent your business. For example, in the past we’ve created a Statue of Liberty fob for a retailer in New York City. 

While the whale fob shown above features its own unique set of dimensions, we design all of our custom shaped fobs with the same sized space for the canvas (1 ¼” round). All Planet Earth Fiber fob canvases will work with our fobs, no matter the shape! 

The possibilities are endless for customization. Consider shaped leather fobs for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions—and don’t forget about the branding opportunities! While there are certain limitations, we are more than happy to work with you to capture the essence of your brand in a shape that reflects your unique story.

Bat fob with bat canvas

We created the bat fob (above) and ghost fob (below) to celebrate the Halloween season. They each feature canvases currently available from our design studio.

Ghost fob with ghost canvas

Contact us today to learn more about stocking air tag fobs or creating a custom shaped leather fob! We’d love to collaborate on a design with you. And if you’ve ordered a custom shaped leather fob from us before, be sure to tag @planetearthfiber on Instagram and Facebook. We’d love to help spread the word about your unique leather fobs to our audience!

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